Failed to bind remote object during DataSource activation

    I am unable to successfully set up a JDBC DataSource in production. After I choose a target and select Activate, I get:

    An error occurred during activation of changes, please see the log for details.
    Failed to bind remote object (ClusterableRemoteRef( null)/404 [weblogic.jdbc.common.internal.RemoteDataSource]) to replica aware stub at DataSource(ClusterableRemoteRef( [])/290 [weblogic.jdbc.common.internal.RemoteDataSource])

    I can set this same DataSource up in our QA environment against a QA database which would suggest that it is not a syntax error causing it.

    I couldn't find any clarification in the server log.

    Can someone point me to things to check in the environment?

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        Do you have multiple jndi names for the datasource?

        I have seen this issue in this case:

        On the console, in JNDI box, if you enter extra empty lines, wls does not trim the empty lines, and leave as many emtpy <jndi></jndi> entries in the jdbc config files.

        Could you check the jdbc.xml under the domain_home/config/jdbc directory and remove the empty jndi entries manually?

        If this doesn't help, can you check the logs to see if there are any jndi lookup problems?

        Also when testing, create datasouce, deploy it on one server first
        and then change the target to cluster,there may be some nested exception, this looks generic

        Also you could post this under WLS -JDBC newsgroup at