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    Critical Issue : Data shared across different logins


      We are facing critical issue in our portal. We have JPF based portlets in our Portal using jcx for database operations(We are using Weblogic 8.1 SP6). The users access the portal desktop.What is happening is very strange, When 2 user of different customers login at the sametime using same portlet, the data of one customer is shown to the other customer which should never happen

      (for example user of customer1 access the portlet X and gets the data for Customer1, in an another browser at the sametime user of customer2 access portlet X and gets the data for customer2.Now user of Customer1 access portlet X the user gets the data for customer2).

      We are using default weblogic configurations . We are not sure why this happening, Can somebody help us on this ? Is there any issues with JPF based portlets? this is very critical for us to solve.

      Thanks for the help

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