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    Opening A New Browser Window

      Hi All,

      I need to open a new browser window in portal when the user clicks on a link.
      I am using BEA WEblogic Portal 9/10.

      I am using Window.open method.
      But window.open all attributes are not working.
      Only top, left, width and height attributes are working here.....
      I need the address bar, location, resizable and all other attributes to work in new window .....
      I also need the new browser window to be of screen height and width.

      So, how to do this ?

      Thanks In Advance.

      Hemang Shrimanker
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          function openDesiredWin(myLink,windowName,desired_width,desired_height)
          d_width = (screen.width*desired_width)/100;
          d_left = (screen.width-d_width)/2;
          d_height = (screen.height*desired_height)/100;
          d_top = (screen.height-d_height)/2;
          if(! window.focus)return;
          var myWin=window.open(myLink,windowName,"left=" + d_left + ",top=" + d_top + ",width=" + d_width + ",height=" + d_height + ",toolbar=no,menubar=no,location=no,scrollbars=yes,resizable=no");
          try {myWin.focus();}
          catch (err) {}
          return false;

          If you want window to resize set value to 'YES'
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            This is in continuation with the query posted by Hemang. I too am facing the same problem and not able to resolve the problem with the solution given[b] [function openDesiredWin()].

            Can anyone help me with this.