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    How to trigger a custom event when a weblogic portal page is clicked??


      I have created a portal which has 3 pages. These pages when created by default creates a top level navigation in weblogic.

      I have named the 3 tabs or pages as -

      Page 1, Page 2, Page 3

      Now when I click tab(page 2), I want to trigger a custom event. I know the code for the same -

      // Get the Portlet Backing Context from Request
      PortletBackingContext ctx = PortletBackingContext

      // Fire the Custom Event
      ctx.fireCustomEvent("PageClickEvent", model);

      However, Where should i write this piece of code such that it gets invoked when a page is clicked which is essentially a tab of the navigation.

      Any quick response will be much appreciated.

      Note: The solution which I can think of is to create a backing file which implements the PageBookingContext. Correct me I am wrong here.