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    Header text being duplicated

      Hi, having an issue with a test portal I am working on. I am creating a testheader.jsp using workshop. All it does it display the phrase "Test Header"

      In the package explorer I go to testportal.portal. This displays the portal layout. I select the header and then change the skeleton URI property to point to the testheader.jsp file.

      When I reload the portal desktop the phrase "Test Header" is being displayed twice in the header area. Any suggestion?
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          I have the exact same issue... been working on this for awhile and cannot solve this.

          The same thing happens with my footer - it displays it twice.

          Can anyone help???
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            the header content is shown twice
            the header content is shown twice when skeletonUri is provided.
            how to include header files in portal header.
            the attribute skeletonUri is used for customizing rendering process.
            this attribute can not be used to show jsp files in header/footer.
            To include jsp file in header
            open the portal file in xml editor (myportal.portal)
            go to tag <netuix:header skeletonUri="" />
            put the following code:
            <netuix:header skeletonUri="" >
            <netuix:jspcontent contentUri="/header.jsp" />
            where contentUri specifies your header jsp file.
            To include portlets in header
            i do not know
            but you have to include a tag <netuix:placeholder> and <netuix:portletInstance>
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              To add some more information to this - all skeleton files are called twice as per portal framework. when called first time, the conrent in <render:beginRender> is executed and during second call, <render:endRender> is executed.

              In 9.2, you can include jsp or portlets in header or footer with the following syntax in .shell file.

              <netuix:jspContent contentUril="/resources/jsp/customheader.jsp"/>
              <netuix:portletInstance title="Header Portlet" markupType="Portlet" markupName="portlet_header" instanceLabel="portlet_header" contentUri="/portlets/myPortlet.portlet"/>

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                Hi all,

                I'm also having this issue in Portal 10.0. I have removed all references to the header.jsp from both the portal file and the shell file. I am using a custom look&feel and the header.jsp still renders twice in both IE7 and FF

                Has anyone found a solution that works?
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                  Hi Guys,

                  Any luck? I am getting 2 header's while running the .portal file too in WL10.

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                    Any answers? I am getting 2 footers in WLP 10
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                      Try wrapping the contents of your header (in header.jsp) with beginRender tags:

                      <%@ taglib uri="http://www.bea.com/servers/portal/tags/netuix/render" prefix="render" %>

                      Test Header

                      After banging my head against this for a day,I finally tried that and it worked for me.