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    After whodrug update the link PTSYN-ATC of the VTAs is cut


      We have a domain1 with a base dictionary whodB.
      We created a domain2 with a virtual dictionary whodV created from the base active dictionary whodB.
      Then We linked a study to domain2 with the virtual dictionary whodV and coding was performed and terms were linked within "High Level Reclassification" to their ATC, and all of this was performed in domain2 with a virtual Dictionary whodV.

      One year after we updated the base dictionary whodB to a new version and all the ATC links in the "High Level Reclassification" of the this study and all other studies in domain2 of the virtual dictionary whodV were cut and all of the PTSYN terms are now with an "unclassified" status.
      In all TMS documentation we can see that a dictionary update don't have any effects on the VTAs coded with a virtual dictionaries?

      Please do you have any solution to recreate the ATC links cut without using a manual solution to recreate the link one by one we have about 1000 links.

      Thanks in advance for your help