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    Query on Blanket Purchase Agreement--  Lines > Agreement

      Hi friends,
      I have a query on Blanket purchase agreement.When a minimum release amount is provided in the Terms >Agreement controls it is holding fine and taking that value perfectly for each release.

      But when in the PO Lines,under the Agreement when i specify a Minimum relase,Quantity agreed and Amount agreed for a line,the system is not picking up the values mentioned here when i create a release.

      Eg. Created a Blanket PO with a line.
      For the line under the Agreement tab, specified the following values.
      Minimum release : 100.00
      Quantity agreed : 100
      Amount agreed : 10,000.00

      1.When i created a release,it allowed me to create with the release amount of 20.00
      2. When i created one more release for a quantity of 500,it allowed me to go ahead.System didn't stop me or throw me any message like you are crossing the qty agreed.

      How come these two cases 1 and 2 happen.
      This is contradicting the agreement controls for the blanket PO line.

      FYI: At the header level ,the minimum release amount are holding good and working fine.

      Only at the PO Line ,the system is not taking the agreement values.

      Any pointers in this regard would be great help.