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    Oracle XML gateway for procurement

      Hi to all,
      I have some questions and maybe you can help me.

      My requirement is to create for the customer and XML PO that will be sent to a third part eProcurement system. This system only accept xml message in the format xCBL v.3.5. Oracle cannot send this kind of message out of the box and so we require to modify the xml message.

      1) I was able to setup a dummy supplier for the xml message, so basically I think I understood the setup needed (thanks to note Note:374338.1 Outbound XML in Procurement). Additionaly I understand that this kind of customization can be done with XML Message designer. In my understanding we need to create a new data mapping (xgm) and a new data type definition (dtd). (I found this on FAQ: XML Gateway For Purchasing Note:304892.1 )
      Can you confirm this understanding is correct?

      2) In particular we need to customize the 003_process_po_007.dtd and process_po_007.xgm which are the file related to the PO created after the approval. I do not really like the fact that we will customize some standard file so what I would like to do is to have our process to use other customized files. But this part I do not really get how is done and the documentation is not really clear on this.
      Can you shine some light on how to do this?

      Thanks a lot,