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    How to create/get an OrdDicom instance

      Hey, guys, does anyone try to use the OrdDicom.jar to do some development? Now I have a rookie question: how to create/get an OrdDicom instance?
      It seems the OrdDicom class's construtor is private and no related factory method, so is there some other way to create an empty OrdDicom instance?
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          The oracle.ord.dicom.OrdDicom Java class defines a proxy object for ORDDicom. ORDDicom is the database type for a DICOM object. This means that OrdDicom is instantiated only from an Oracle result set and thus functions as a proxy for the same object in the database.

          We don't have a specific code example for using OrdDicom but it would work very much like OrdImage which is the proxy Java class for ORDImage in the database. Here is a quick start example for using the Java client proxy class for OrdImage.


          Here is a code snippet showing how the Java class is instantiated from the result set.
               2.      Get a proxy for the ORDImage database object in row 1 in the OrdImage Java proxy object imageProxy (NOTE that since we will be uploading data into the ORDImage’s underlying BLOB column, the row must be selected with the FOR UPDATE clause).

          // select the new ORDImage into a java proxy OrdImage object (imageProxy)
          String rowSelectSQL = "select image from image_table where id = 1 for update";
          OracleResultSet rset = (OracleResultSet)stmt.executeQuery(rowSelectSQL);
          OrdImage imageProxy = (OrdImage)rset.getORAData("image", OrdImage.getORADataFactory());

          Finally, are you developing a DICOM application using the new feature in Oracle 11g? If so, we'd like to here more about what you're doing and how we might be of help. Please contact our product manager MELLIYAL (dot) ANNAMALAI (at) ORACLE (dot) COM for more info.