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    RMAN: Backup As Copy and COPY commands

      I need a little clarification on the above commands. I am reading about Image Copies under the Using Recovery Manager chapter and there is an example which says: "If you manually allocate channels, you must include the COPY commands within the RUN statement as follows:
      RMAN> RUN {
      2> ALLOCATE CHANNEL c1 type disk;
      3> COPY
      4> DATAFILE '/ORADATA/users_01_db01.dbf' to
      5> '/BACKUP/users01.dbf',
      6> ARCHIVELOG 'arc_1060.arc' to
      7> 'arc_1060.bak';
      8> }

      Is COPY making an image copy that is not in an RMAN recognized format? Because was under the impression that BACKUP AS COPY command was the way to make an image copy usable by RMAN. Any clarification is always appreciated.

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          The BACKUP AS COPY command does create an Image Copy -- a byte for byte copy of the datafile.

          However, the syntax you are posting within a RUN block, is not for the BACKUP AS COPY command.

          It is for the COPY command. The COPY command has been available in 9i (8i ?) and is for image copies of a file that may be a datafile / controlfile / archivedlog file OR which, itsself, is a copoy of datafile / controlfile.

          It would seem that you are reading 9i documentation not 10g documentation. The BACKUP AS COPY in 10g does not have to be in a RUN block.

          Hemant K Chitale
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            Hello Hemant,

            Thank your for the reply. Well I thought the snippet looked wired but it is the Oracle Press book(s) for 1Z0-043. One says D17092G20 and the other 30 for the version numbers. Publish dates are 2006 for 30 and 2004 for 20. But thank you for the reply nonetheless, it cleared up some confusion though.

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              The COPY command is in the 9i RMAN Reference
              and mentioned as the command for Image Copies in the 9i RMAN User Gude

              Also there is no mention of AS COPY in the 9i RMAN Reference

              but in the 10g RMAN Reference, there is no COPY command but there is a BACKUP AS COPY
              and mentioned as the command for Image Copies in the 10g RMAN User Guide