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    storage space issue

      Hi everyone

      I basically have two issues, i have been contacted by the server maintanence staff and asked why we take up so much harddisk space.

      The first issue is that it dumps a huge amounts of ord562048pas files they each only take up a few kilobytes but there are two servers in a balance load setup and they both have about 700.000 files, first of all why are these files there and secondly would it be possible not to create these files.

      The second issues i have is that we have alot of mimp_ora_xxx.trc files, some of these reach size of 150mb and are generated every 5-10 minutes. looking at the contest it looks like somebody looking at the files, but is there any ways to reduce these files or avoid them in total. the contents looks like the following:
      Dump file /mimp_perm/u_dumplog/mimp_ora_1133.trc
      Oracle9i Enterprise Edition Release - 64bit Production
      With the Partitioning, OLAP and Oracle Data Mining options
      JServer Release - Production
      ORACLE_HOME = /me01p/oracle/product/
      System name:     SunOS
      Node name:     dkd1mr0002
      Release:     5.8
      Version:     Generic_117350-46
      Machine:     sun4u
      Instance name: mimp
      Redo thread mounted by this instance: 1
      Oracle process number: 1155
      Unix process pid: 1133, image: oracle@dkd1mr0002 (TNS V1-V3)

      *** 2008-11-14 13:24:29.960
      *** SESSION ID:(1157.110) 2008-11-14 13:24:29.953
      S:type oracle.ord.media.annotator.utils.OrdBlobSeekableSource
      S:type oracle.ord.media.annotator.utils.OrdBlobSeekableSource
      S:type oracle.ord.media.annotator.utils.OrdBlobSeekableSource

      The database used is version and the application server is version 10.1.3

      I hope you have all the information you need... besides that im really looking forward to hearing from you.
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          I don't have an answer for your first issue, I don't understand the question.

          As for the second issue, the trace files with the "getPos" messages, this is a bug. The code is unconditionally printing these messages to the System.out stream.

          The work arounds to this, that I can think of, are as follows (in no particular order)

          1. upgrade to 10.2. The bug is not present in and higher which is your minimum upgrade path
          2. write a cron job to periodically detect and delete the trace files.
          3. if you have an extended support contract (since this is 9.2) contact Oracle support and we will produce a patch

          If none of the above are possible, please reply and we will see if other coding possibilities exist.
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            Hi Rabbott

            Thanks for your speedy reply and sorry for my own slow return.

            I dident quite like the answer:), but at least i have something to give to the server guys.

            About the other issues we have a clustered application server, and it seems it dumps alot of files byt the name of "ordXXXXpas" files on each server, they all are a few KB of size but there was found about 700.000 files on each server. The files are placers in %APPSERVER_HOME%\j2ee\home\ordpas, they appear to be sort of temporary files but for what purpose and why there is so many we have no idea.

            Any clues?
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              can you post some content of the ordXXXXpas files ??
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                Im sorry but it looks like binary information of some sort "ÿÛ „ " being a little example of the files.

                I have a sneaky suspicion that it related to some sort of caching but not really sure
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                  a google search for ordpas yielded this result in another OTN forum:

                  upload to BLOB

                  I believe the tempf file in ordpas are the passivated ORD domain objects under the BC4J/OC4J framework

                  To learn more about EJB passivation and configuration try this doc link :

                  This if for Oracle App server version 10.1.3, which is probably newer than your version but it may help.

                  Would also suggest that you try the OC4J forum
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                    I just want to say thanks alot... this gives me alot of leads to continue with:D