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    select an appropriate platform/database for JDE project

      Hi All,

      I am specifically looking for the following information on selecting an appropriate platform/database for JDE project:

      1. Any similar project documents from platform/database selection projects
      2. Qualitative Information - Benefits/Pros/Cons for the various platform/database combinations
      3. Benchmark Data - Any benchmark statistics or data about the various platform/database combinations

      Could anyone please share such an experience.

      Thanks for your time!

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          john dickey, mccarthy
          If you are talking JDE World, you have no choice. This has to be on the AS/400 or iSeries or System i, or whatever name IBM calls it today. It has to run on the OS/400 or i5/OS or whatever name IBM is giving that operating system today (IBM keeps changing the name for the hardware and OS). Database has to be DB2 for OS/400 - no choice in the matter. That database is part of the operating system.

          Now if you are talking Enterprise One/One World, that would be a separate forum. Enterprise One can run on multiple platforms and databases.

          But for World, you have only one choice. Makes platform and database selection extremely easy, right?

          John Dickey