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    INSERT directly into staging table

      Hi all

      I would like to load some data directly into an RDF staging table, without using the bulk loader. Could someone indicate how to write the insert statements to do that ?

      The point is that I have an application that I want to synchronize with Oracle RDF, so I would like to write directly to the staging table. Or should I generate an RDF file, and then bulk-load it ?


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          Currently we recommend creating an N-Triple file to store the RDF data, then use Oracle SQL*Loader to load data from the N-Triple file into a staging table, and then invoke the SEM_APIS.BULK_LOAD_FROM_STAGING_TABLE procedure to bulk load the RDF data from the staging table to an RDF model in Oracle semantic store.

          - Souri.

          P.S. If you would like more information, please feel free to send me e-mail: souripriya dot das at oracle dot com