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how to get the number of processor license

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2 from v$license;

----------------- ---------------------- ------------------- ------------------------ --------------------------
48 48 48 48 48

1 row selected.

USERS_MAX from v$license;

1 select
5* USERS_MAX from v$license
SQL> /

---------------- ---------------- ----------
0 115 0

How many processor of license for oracle i have. I think its 48. Can you confirm me in this regards

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    Justin Cave Oracle ACE
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    The number of processors you are licensed for, or in fact whether you are using processor or named user licensing, is not stored in the Oracle database. That is in the license agreement paperwork you signed with Oracle when you purchased your license. You'd need to go back to that paperwork to get this information.

    Beyond that, if you have 48 cores, it is generally unlikely that you would require 48 processor licenses (at least if you licensed the database today). You may, of course, have 48 single-core processors, but I'm guessing it is more likely that you have a smaller number of multi-core processors. In which case you would apply a hardware specific multiplier to the number of cores to get to the number of CPU licenses required. If you had 12 4-core Intel chips, for example, you would need 24 processor licenses since the Intel multiplier is 0.5. Some Solaris chips have a multiplier of 0.25. Other chips have a multiplier of 0.75. Since Oracle's rules on licensing multi-core chips have changed a number of times, and are likely to continue to change, your license agreement would be critical since you licensed the database at a particular point in time, so your license agreement fixes the terms as of that point in time.

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    thanks Justin.

    Actually we have a 24 processor machine. but what i am find out that we have a license for 8 processor of oracle do you think its a right thing because my thinking is we must have a license for 24 processor for oracle otherwise we are not using those processor.

    Hope i am right

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    Justin Cave Oracle ACE
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    You have 24 physical CPUs, each of which have 2 cores, thus giving you 48 cores, correct? If so, in order to license that server today, you would need either 48*0.25 = 12, 48*0.5=24, or 48*0.75=36 processor licenses depending on the type of CPUs you use.

    However, when you licensed the software in the past, though, the licensing terms were fixed as of that point in time. It is entirely possible that
    - Oracle was using different logic to calculate the number of required processor licenses for multi-core CPUs today than it was in the past and you only needed 1 processor license for every 6 cores
    - Your company negotiated a different core multiplier than is or was in the standard licensing agreement
    - Your company negotiated some other sort of exception that allowed them to buy just 8 processor licenses

    So you would need to read through the specifics of your license agreement to determine what, specifically, your company agreed to in order to determine whether you have enough licenses. If you are short some licenses, you would also need to read the agreement to determine how you go about rectifying that (i.e. can you purchase additional processor licenses under the original terms or do you have to add licenses under the current license terms, etc). Of course, I'm sure your Oracle Sales rep would be more than happy to assist you in determining whether you need to purchase additional licenses.



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