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    Oracle Drive hanging

    Martin Jarvis-Oracle
      Hi, I'm not sure if this is the right place to ask this but I'm not getting any luck anywhere else !

      I have been using Oracle Drive to connect to Oracle Files Online (files.oraclecorp.com) and map a Windows drive to a shared folder. This has worked very well until about a month ago. Now when I try to "Work Online" Oracle Drive prompts for the password then just displays the "Connecting to the remote host" and never completes.

      Things I have tried:
      1) Installed the latest version (I now have WinXP)
      2) Changed my SSO password
      3) Tried redefining the connection in Oracle Drive
      4) Tried connecting to other WebDav servers (I tried iprojects-files and stcontent)

      None of these things worked.

      I am running Windows XP SP3. Could this have anything to do with the SP3 upgrade ?
      Please can someone help me, I miss Oracle Drive !