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    loading metadata and creating users in FDM

    hyp big bee
      hi friends ,
      1) I am using HFM and FDM9.3.1 Can we load HFM metadata using FDM.If yes pls tell me how?
      2)Pls tell me the steps to configure shared services with FDM.Can we configure only msad and ldap with FDM?
      Is there any role of vb authentication scripts for shared services user or is it only forusers created in user management in FDM?
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          Currently FDM can not load metadata to HFM. You would need something like MDM/DRM as that is their job.

          FDM 9.3.1.x only integrates with MSAD/LDAP/NTML providers. While SharedServices leverages the OpenLDAP software, it may be possible. I would recommend creating a Support SR to obtain the process.

          Fusion Edition (11.1.1.x) directly integrates with SharedServices.

          Thank you.