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    Need SQL Server to accept the new database connection

      Hi All,

      Firstly I hope am posting this question in the right forum.
      Some of the applications in the company are managed through SQL Server and currently it is connected to one of our TEST Oracle 7.3 Database on a Solaris box for years together.
      Now the need arises to change the database connection from the TEST to a LIVE database which is also an Oracle 7.3 on a Solaris box.

      I have configured the tnsnames.ora file and added the LIVE DB address. And am able to successfully tnsping it.
      The sql server admin doesnt have an idea how to make the sql server to use the new tns service-name connection.

      And since the interface is crazy enough for me to understand .. am out of ideas on how to make the sql server accept the link to the new database; and stop using the old.

      If there is a documentation / any information that helps in this scenario I would appreciate it greatly.

      Thank you.