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    About the installation of  "semantic web technology" on Oracle database 11g

      Dear Oracle Semantic Technology Users:

      Recently I am evaluating the Semantic Web technology supported by oracle database 11g, but when I try to install this technology according to the document "Semantic Technologies Developer's Guide" under "Product Documentation: Oracle® Spatial Resource Description Framework (RDF) 11g Release 1 (11.1) Manual," I logged in by "sys as sysdba", and executed the script $ORACLE_HOME/md/admin/catsem11i.sql, the SQL Plus console shows no error and installed successfully, but when I check it on SQL Developer interface, I can't find the schema, views and tables related to the semantic web functions which should be created.

      Then I tried to execute the same sql script (catsem11i.sql) by SQL developer, it came out a window and ask me the value of COMP_FILE, and the execution is interrupted.

      So I would like to ask that do you have any idea, what kind of problems or mistake could it happen? I installed Oracle 11g on windows XP platform with the enterprise edition default installation.

      Thanks for your help in advance :)

      Best Regards,

      Feng-Chien Chung

      Metadata Architecture and application team
      Academia Sinica, Taiwan