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    FDM Import

      This is the first time we have tried to do an import through FDM - I am getting the errors below.
      Its a sample file with only 5 records.
      I receive an import failed error message.

      Any suggestions would be much appreciated.

      Create Output File Start: [2008-11-28-10:32:36]

      [TC] - [Amount=NN]     Set of Books - Short~|Company ID~|Cost Center ID~|Natural Account ID~|Ac Segment Attr4 Desc~|Mth Actual~|Currency Code~|Period~|Quarter~|Year
      [TC] - [Amount=NN]     BGE ES Euro~|5~|0~|55720~| ~|2~|EUR~|Jul-08~|Q3~|2008
      [TC] - [Amount=NN]     BGE ES Euro~|5~|0~|64570~| ~|3~|EUR~|Jul-08~|Q3~|2008
      [TC] - [Amount=NN]     BGE ES Euro~|5~|0~|70240~| ~|4~|EUR~|Jul-08~|Q3~|2008
      [TC] - [Amount=NN]     BGE ES Euro~|5~|0~|75050~| ~|5~|EUR~|Jul-08~|Q3~|2008
      [TC] - [Amount=NN]     BGE ES Euro~|5~|0~|91000~| ~|6~|EUR~|Jul-08~|Q3~|2008
      [Blank] -      

      Excluded Record Count.............. 6
      Blank Record Count................. 1
      Total Records Bypassed............. 7
      Valid Records...................... 0
      Total Records Processed............ 7
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          I'm guessing that this is a delimited file with | as the delimiter. If the 2~, 3~, etc are the amounts, they will not read as they are not numeric.

          Without knowing exactly what your source file is and your import format it's difficult to answer.

          Is the file delimited or fixed format
          Can the source file be saved without the ~
          You could write a script to pull only the number when importing.
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            If you were to completely review the 'Import Log' you will notice a legend/key at the top of the screen.

            It states that TC was a Type Conversion done on your behalf... but the result was 'NN' (Non-Numeric)
            What ever you told the 'amount' field to be, was not an integer.

            I would perceive that it is related to your delimiter of ~| as FDM only supports as part of the pre-defined import formats, a single character delimiter.

            You will probably need to use some alternative forms of scripting at the import stage to retrieve what is needed.

            Thank you.
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              Did you find a solution to your problem??

              I have the same one. The format is delimited/comma. And the file format is CSV (comma delimited). I do not understand the reason of the problem.

              Thanks in advance for your cooperations.

              Kindly regards,
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                If your file is CSV delimited, then you should not have the same issue if everything is setup appropriately.
                The issue for the person above is related to a two-character delimiter when FDM is a one-character delimiter. Meaning the ~ of the | but not the combination of the both ~|

                Thank you.