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    Facing problem with INV_LOT_API_PUB.UPDATE_INV_LOT api


      I'm working on an object which calculates lot expiration date based on item principles. Once the expiration date is calculated I have to update that to EXPIRATION_DATE column in MTL_LOT_NUMBERS table. To do this, I'm using Oracle Standard API i.e., INV_LOT_API_PUB.UPDATE_INV_LOT.

      When I'm trying to update EXPIRATION_DATE in MTL_LOT_NUMBERS table, not only this column but there are other columns which are getting updated. Also, WHO columns are are NOT getting updated. Below is the code I'm using.

      l_return_status VARCHAR2(10);
      l_msg_count NUMBER;
      l_msg_data VARCHAR2(1000);
      l_inventory_item_id mtl_system_items_b.inventory_item_id%TYPE := 12345; --Inventory Item ID
      l_organization_id mtl_lot_numbers.organization_id%TYPE := 118; -- Inventory Organization ID
      l_lot_number mtl_lot_numbers.lot_number%TYPE := 'INT3049'; -- Lot Number
      l_expiration_date mtl_lot_numbers.expiration_date%TYPE := sysdate; -- Expiration Date
      l_attributes_tbl inv_lot_api_pub.char_tbl;
      l_c_attributes_tbl inv_lot_api_pub.char_tbl;
      l_n_attributes_tbl inv_lot_api_pub.number_tbl;
      l_d_attributes_tbl inv_lot_api_pub.date_tbl;


      l_d_attributes_tbl(1) := add_months(sysdate, -1); -- D_atttribute1
      l_c_attributes_tbl(10) := 'YES'; -- C_attribute10
      inv_lot_api_pub.update_inv_lot (x_return_status => l_return_status,
      x_msg_count => l_msg_count,
      x_msg_data => l_msg_data,
      p_inventory_item_id => l_inventory_item_id,
      p_organization_id => l_organization_id,
      p_lot_number => l_lot_number,
      p_expiration_date => l_expiration_date,
      p_attributes_tbl => l_attributes_tbl,
      p_c_attributes_tbl => l_c_attributes_tbl,
      p_n_attributes_tbl => l_n_attributes_tbl,
      p_d_attributes_tbl => l_d_attributes_tbl,
      p_source => 401--l_application_id for application 'INV'



      Can someone look into this and do help me if you have any clue on this?

      Thanks in advance.