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      • 15. Re: Getting OCA certificate
        Brandye Barrington-Oracle
        Hi Selva,
        You should contact ocp-fulfillment_ww@oracle.com again. If you did not receive your certificate within the prescribed timeframe, the only way the fulfillment team will know is if you contact them and let them know you have not yet received the certificate. They probably asked you to wait 3 more weeks when you first contacted them, based on the date your kit was shipped. Depending on where you are located, it can take up to 4 weeks to receive your kit once it is shipped. But if you did not receive it at the end of those weeks, you should contact them again and provide your full name, prometric ID and correct address. They will have your kit reshipped.

        Brandye Barrington
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        • 16. Re: Getting OCA certificate
          Dear Brandye,

          I saw your reply to chris.I am also going through the same situation.i did my oca on may and till now i didn't receive my certificate.i wrote mail to ocp team for reshipment.Again the same condition.Still i am waiting....could you suggest me a solution for this....Is it possible to get the racking number and the courier service name if they had already dispatched my certificate????

          Thanks n regards,
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            Brandye Barrington-Oracle
            If you have waited 4 weeks from the requested 2nd shipment and still have not received your kit. Please contact ocp-fulfillment_ww@oracle.com again and let them know that you still have not received. Be sure to let them know that this is the 3rd ship so that they will request expediting. Unfortunately, there are some areas where we struggle with local mail systems. Rates of non-delivery in these areas are high. It may be that you are in one of these areas. Thank you for your patience. Please contact the fulfillment team and they will take care of you.

            Brandye Barrington
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            • 18. Re: Getting OCA certificate

              Finally i received my OCA kit yesterday.......Thanks for your reply & support.
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                Regarding Oracle Certified Professional, Oracle Solaris 10 System Administrator certification . I've been waiting for my certificate for 3months after completion of exams.unfortunately still I did not receive my certificate welcome kit.

                I've requsted to remail the kit twice .... No luck.

                [ID removed by moderator for security purposes]

                Please help me out to get it at the ealiest.

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                  Brandye Barrington-Oracle
                  Are you sure that your address is correct in your certmanager.net/sun profile? I have your Sun ID and will request the customer service team to check on this. In the mean time, please confirm that your address is correct in CertManager. Once you have confirmed your address, please confirm with suncert_ww@oracle.com that your address is correct and that you need to receive your certificate. Let them know that this will be the 3rd shipment and request that they send it in a manner that is trackable.

                  Brandye Barrington
                  • 21. Re: Getting Hyperion Success Kit
                    Hello all,

                    I am working in a Gold level Partner company of Oracle in Istanbul/Turkey. I passed Hyperion Planning 11 Implementation Specialist Exam on 17th June and even though 8 weeks has passed i still have not received my success kit. So i created an SR by OCP Support form, in the answer they told me my Success kit was dispatched to me on 23th June, they also told me to check my mailing and e-mailing address and they provide an e-mail address to contact with ocp-fulfillment_ww@oracle.com, however i received an automated e-mail from ocp-fulfillment_ww@oracle.com that this mailing address is dismissioned.
                    They also send me a link called iSupport to track the status of my Success kit but this link is also "DEAD".
                    Both my mailing and e-mailing addresses are extremely correct on both certview and pearsonvue. I need my Success Kit urgently since I am looking for a new Job in Europe and Hyperion Planning Implementation Specialist Certification is a must during the hiring process. I paid huge amount of money for this Success kit and need that immediately. Providing the details below and if possible I want to learn the Cargo company that you use to mail my success kit and also if possible Cargo ID or some code or number that i can track the status of my package by myself by contacting the Cargo company,so maybe i can ask about the details.

                    It will be annoying for me to apply for a new shipment and wait for 6 weeks more and i dont need to do this since both my address and maling address is correct and this is not my fault. So kindly requesting for your help Brandye, waiting for instant reply

                    Here are the details

                    Previous SR Number : 22035027

                    Name: Hayrettin Sipar

                    E-Mail : hayrettin.sipar@gtech.com.tr (this is also my address on Oracle Support)

                    Alternate E-mail: hayrettinsipar@yahoo.com

                    Company ID: 45278429

                    Oracle Customer Support Identifier(CSI) : 16090923

                    Oracle Certification Program ID: OC0917398

                    Exam ID : 1Z0-533 Hyperion Planning 11 Implementation Specialist
                    Date Achieved : 16-JUN-2011
                    Place: LinkPlus / City: İstanbul Country :Turkey

                    Address to dispatch Success Kit : Barbaros Mah. Dereboyu Cad. Feslegen Sok. Uphill Court Towers A1/A Blok D:15
                    Postal Code : 34746
                    ATASEHIR / ISTANBUL
                    Country : TURKEY

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                    • 22. Re: Getting Hyperion Success Kit
                      Brandye Barrington-Oracle
                      First, it is best if you have a question like this to start a new post. Additionally, it is best not to include your personal information in a public post.

                      That said, to address your question, I agree that the messaging is confusing. However, the team is checking the ocpfulfillment mailbox for responses to their requests for more information. They will get your email and reply to you. Unfortunately, we have difficulty with some local mail systems that causes issues with candidates in some areas receiving their kits. In the mean time, while you are awaiting your printed certificate, you can verify your certification through certview.oracle.com. Under Certification History, you will select the tab 'Publish Credentials to 3rd Parties' and follow the directions given to verify your certification to another person.

                      You should be hearing back from the support team soon.

                      Brandye Barrington
                      Certification Forum Moderator
                      • 23. Re: Getting OCA certificate
                        Dear Sir,

                        I had raised the below SR (SR Number : 22174831) regarding not receipt of my success kit for Oracle certification but it was intimated me that my success kit has been dispatched on 26-JUL-11 but till now I didn’t receive my Success kit.

                        I had sent the mail to ocp-fulfillment_ww@oracle.com also but that after that i got the below auto-reply mail:

                        -----Original Message-----
                        +From: ocp-fulfillment_ww@oracle.com [mailto:ocp-fulfillment_ww@oracle.com]+

                        Sent: Monday, September 12, 2011 10:45 AM
                        To: Biswabhusan_Prusti
                        Subject: Auto Reply: FW: Service Request Details

                        Thank you for contacting the Oracle Certification Program.

                        Read on for important information! OCP Fulfillment mail box will be decommissioned as on 23rd May, 2011, you will not receive any reply from this mail box. For all your Certification questions or issues, please submit a Service Request - Oracle Certification Support web form - http://education.oracle.com/pls/eval-eddap-dcd/OU_SUPPORT_OCP.home?p_source=OCP  and an OCP customer service representative will contact you. Before submitting your form, please visit our OCP FAQ for immediate answers to our most common certification program questions.

                        HELPFUL INFO

                        +• Please visit http://www.pearsonvue.com/oracle to update your profile, including email address or mailing address+

                        +• You may find the answer to your question on the Oracle Certification Website http://education.oracle.com/pls/web_prod-plq-dad/db_pages.getpage?page_id=39.+

                        +• Contact your local Oracle University representative for any course materials or training questions at http://www.oracle.com/education/contact.html.+

                        Please do the needful.

                        • 24. Re: Getting OCA certificate
                          Brandye Barrington-Oracle
                          Hi Biswa,
                          Fur future reference, it is best if you open a new thread for an issue such as this.

                          The auto-reply that you received from ocp-fulfillment is confusing. However, the team did receive your email and is having your kit reshipped. I will check with them to ensure that they notify you that they've received your info and are reshipping your kit.

                          Brandye Barrington
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                          • 25. Re: Getting OCA certificate
                            Thanks sir,

                            Thanks for your kind support. Kindly check with team and do the needful for getting my certificate because it's already two months completed after my certification completion and i need to show the certification result for my Resume.

                            So kindly take necessary action for reaching my certificate to me.

                            Thanks a lot
                            • 26. Re: Getting OCA certificate
                              Brandye Barrington-Oracle
                              Hi Biswa,
                              I do not actually handle shipping of the kits. You will need to work with the Certification Support Team regarding the reshipment of your kit. It is my understanding that they received confirmation of your address from you yesterday and they also mention that they submitted your kit for reshipment and also confirmed this with you via email yesterday.

                              If you need to verify your certification to anyone, or download your logo, you may do so through certview.oracle.com.

                              Brandye Barrington
                              Certification Forum Moderator
                              • 27. Re: Getting OCA certificate
                                Hi Brandye,

                                Yesterday they asked me for confirmation my address and i confirmed that. And i told that i did not receive my success kit yet so they aslo informed me that they are going to send the success kit again within 3 to 4 working dates.

                                So am waiting for that.

                                Thanks for complete support. So let me wait for 3 to 4 days as they told.

                                • 28. Re: Getting OCA certificate
                                  Brandye Barrington-Oracle
                                  Thanks for the update. You should be receiving this kit soon!

                                  Brandye Barrington
                                  Certification Forum Moderator
                                  • 29. Question

                                    i have passed Oracle Database 11g: SQL Fundamentals 1 and Oracle Database 11g: Administration one mounth now.
                                    What is the use of oracle logo?
                                    Before getting the succes kit, can i get my certificate from e-mail?

                                    Thanks to give me answer

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