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    Deletion of process task in OIM

      I am trying to delete a process task and I recieve the following errors.
      "The task could not be deleted it has schedule items.
      The response is used by one or more tasks"

      Could you please suggest on how to delete this task.
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          This could prove to be difficult. If a task has been used and the message you receive suggests that it has, then it can't be deleted, this is to retain the referential integrity of the data.
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            I had this behaviour too, and didn't figured out how to solve it. Then, when I exported my connector, and re-imported it in another machine, I discovered that I could delete the task without problem.

            It seems that some kind of reference is written in database when creating and updating the process task, but it's not taken in the export XML file.

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              OIM doesn't let you delete tasks from within the design console in order to make sure that the integrity of the existing data isn't lost e.g. You can change the definition of a return value but it can't be deleted, this is because it has possibly been used in a workflow somewhere so that workflow references the return value. However, the way the workflow works is that an instance is created for the user this means that the original definition has no reference to where it might be used.

              However, if you export the process definition, resources etc. then these contain no instance information so you can change and delete items in the XML (Hint: this is one way to duplicate resources etc). But, you can't just load them back in over what you already had, you can really only do this kind of manipulation in design.