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    Oracle 11g install from command line ?

      I already was successful installing Oracle 11g, but locally in front of the machine and logged into a GUI. Now I want to learn how to do this by logging in using ssh.

      Linux is going to be the OS that I want to install this on and I am accessing the Linux box using Mac OS X, using ssh shell.

      Please let me know, all the HOWTOS that I found so far refer to an X server, do I am need to set that up on my Mac first ?
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          you can use a ssh client like putty and you will have to get a X11 emulator on your PC or Mac . you can may be use Xming to do that.

          Read that document:


          Hope this help otherwise ask for more please.

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            Hello Rompster,

            You can create a response file from the options you select using OUI gui and then use that respose file to install oracle software.

            To create a responsefile, from command line
            $ /<your directory path>/runInstaller -record -destinationFile myresponsefile.rsp

            This response file will record all the option you will select from OUI gui, then you can edit this response file to fit your needs. Thestart Oracle Universal Installer in silent mode,
            enter a following command from prompt:

            $ /<your directory path>/runInstaller -silent -responseFile -noconfig myresponsefile.rsp (you can ./runInstaller -help for more options, also make sure you have met all all pre-requisite, setting os parameters for succesfull installation).

            Hope this helps
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              This is strange - I'm trying the same to install 11gR2 on AIX 5.3 & receiving error saying these are not valid options !

              $ ./runInstaller -record -destinationFile /oracle/stage/11gR2_64/logs/11gR2AIX_IgnoreOSpatchNtmp.res
              Starting Oracle Universal Installer...

              Checking Temp space: must be greater than 190 MB. Actual 770 MB Passed
              Checking swap space: must be greater than 150 MB. Actual 12288 MB Passed
              Checking monitor: must be configured to display at least 256 colors. Actual 16777216 Passed
              Preparing to launch Oracle Universal Installer from /tmp/OraInstall2010-10-07_11-50-06AM. Please wait ...{100} :/oracle/stage/11gR2_64/aix.ppc64_11gR2_database/database $The command line arguments '-record', '-destinationFile', 'abc.rsp' are not valid options. Type 'oui -help' at the command line for instructions on appropriate command line usage.
              runInstaller [-options] [(<CommandLineVariable=Value>)*]

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                OUI summary screen will let me save a response file. The -record option won't work.
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                  Gerwin Hendriksen

                  If I am right the syntax should be: ./runInstaller -silent -responseFile /path/to/db_install.rsp

                  Regards, Gerwin
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                    Did you ever get the runInstaller -record to work?
                    I too get the error saying "invalid options"
                    Any help would be appreciated.
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                      The syntax should be:

                      runInstaller -silent -noconfig -responseFile myresponsefile.rsp

                      The rsp file name must be named after the -responseFile name
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                        su ${ORACLE_USER} -c "umask ${APPS_UMASK}; \

                                                unset ORACLE_SID; unset ORACLE_HOME; unset TNS_ADMIN; \

                                                ${MOUNT_POINT}/runInstaller -waitforcompletion -silent -noconfig -ignoreSysPrereqs \

                                                -responseFile ${oracle_response_file_dir}/ora11203.rsp \

                                                "FROM_LOCATION=${MOUNT_POINT}/stage/products.xml" \

                                                "ORACLE_HOME=${ORACLE_HOME}" \

                                                "ORACLE_BASE=${ORACLE_BASE}" \

                                                "ORACLE_HOSTNAME=${ORACLE_HOSTNAME}" \

                                                "ORACLE_HOME_NAME=${ORACLE_HOME_NAME}"" \

                                            >> ${INSTALL_LOG} 2>&1

                        This is the command which i am using for runnig the installation in silent mode and pointers from this.