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    Fixing the calc script in FDM Planning adaptor

      Hi All,

      I have run into a issue with the load action in the planning adaptor ES9x-G4-A. By default, when the adaptor loads data into essbase it fixes using the script
                                         '*** CALC SCRIPT ***
                                              'NOTE: CALC SCRIPT CAN BE MODIFIED For Each CUSTOMER
                                              'Clear the intersection of (Category, Period, Entity)
                                              strClear = "Fix(""" & strTCat & """,@Idescendants(""" & strCurEnt & """))" & vbcrlf
                                              strClear = strClear & "CLEARDATA """ & strTPer(0) & """;" & vbcrlf
                                              strClear = strClear & "EndFix"
      The issue with this is that it doesn't fix on year, meaning that data loaded with a replace will wipe the same period across every year. Does anyone know what the year variable is to set the fix correctly? I can't find it in any of the documentation, for 9.3.1 or 9.2