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    Forms Personalization


      In the PO Form, the block PO_LINES.ITEM_NUMBER is being picked up from segment1 of the table - mtl_system_items_b. I want to change it through form personalization to the description column of the same table.

      so in form personalization I am adding this code for the object - PO_LINES.ITEM_NUMBER with property name as Value and value as =select description A from mtl_system_items_b where inventory_item_id = PO_LINES.ITEM_ID

      But this is not working.
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          Sandeep Gandhi, Consultant
          What you are trying to do is to go around Oracle's data integrity.
          It will not work and you should not do this change.
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            You are probably trying to play with the integrity of the system. While it should store the IDs for description, I still think the personalization should not work anyway. Item Number is directly mapped to appear that way, and if you need to change it, you will need to change the view definition that is attached at the form level where the data is pulled from. Then again, any Inventory validations and other processing aspects that Oracle may have put in there will come into effect, and it will be a difficult thing to cover them, or to maintain them through patches and upgrades.

            I think its best if you do not take the route of not making this change.