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    How to Call COntentDB Java API from BPEL Embedded Java activity


      I have a requirement to connect to ContentDB using Java API from my BPEL process. This is not a ContentDB workflow.

      for this I have downloaded Oracle Content DB 10.2 Java Developer Kit (zip) from oracle website. The samples work from my Jdeveloper version. I was able to create a simple BPEL process and do a simple operation. The BPEL compiles properly but while deploying it says Class path not found unable to compile the BPEL in server. In the BPEL project I have added the Libraries for classpath. I think the BPEL process manager is not able to find the ContentDB Libraries. While designing all the libraries are in c:\ocslib folder and included in Procect Libraries. I am stuck here and not sure how to get this running in BPEL.. Any help is appreciated.

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          Hello Matt.. or any one? please help..

          this forums looks dead since nov3rd no reply to any of the queries.
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            HI, how are you.

            i am trying this code, this is the closer i got to connect to oracle content DB. (See below)

            First, add all libraries requried to a path...then add each of those JARS to the bpelclasspath in Manage BPEL Domain, in your BPEL Console, in your Domain of course.

            Then, edit the Server.xml (in j2ee/home/config) and add the references to the JARs in oracle.bpel.common, see other examples in there.

            Then you can try your code, and please, share your Java piece of code, i am trying the same, still i cant.

            I am migrating a code from 10.1.2, which works perfect, but i cannot make it work in 10.1.3

            Any clues, are welcome


            oracle.ifs.fdk.FdkCredential credential = new oracle.ifs.fdk.SimpleFdkCredential(


            oracle.ifs.fdk.ManagersFactory session = null;

            session = oracle.ifs.fdk.ManagersFactory.login(credential, "https://contentdev.nblenergy.com/content/ws");


            catch (oracle.ifs.fdk.FdkException t)
            addAuditTrailEntry("inside catch");
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              hi, you can contact me anytime to share knowledge in this Oracle Content connection..i still couldnt make it work.

              email: pablo_gallucci@yahoo.com.ar
              msn: pablo_gallucci@hotmail.com

              i am trying to connect to an Oracle Content from BPEL 10.1.3....still fighting!