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    Multiload Problem

      I am trying to load multiload file created using Excel and FDM gave issues on Export.

      The file Checks-in, Imports and Validated but shows a Load Error on Export.

      The error says:

      Error: Stream Falied: Invalid File Path Provided

      Can anyone help me regarding this? I have a bunch of Multiload files ready to be loaded and all of them show the same error.

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          Hello Adi,

          I would switch to one of the periods in your file. You should then see the imported data.
          Then you can test the export/load manually to see what happens.

          Thank you.
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            I tried loading only one period using multiload file like you suggested but it gave the same load error. Could this be due to some kind of configuration settings?
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              Are you using a servername or a Directory letter in your application path?

              If you check the 'App Path' in the <Add Application> - -What does it say?
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                If you were to clear your error log, reproduce the single period error, what does your error log state?
                Keep in mind there may be more than one entry, and it will be key to include them all.

                Thank you.
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                  Well, I have the multiload file situated in a folder present on my desktop. So yes, the directory folder to the path does exist on the multiload file. How can I change that? Do I need the Multiload file to be on a specific folder?

                  Thanks for your help so far...
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                    The error is the same as it was earlier.
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                      Maybe I wasn't clear before, my apologies.
                      Please paste the entire contents of the error log, after the suggested steps for review.

                      Thank you.
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                        I appreciate your help maan but the error file log is empty except that it gives a little pop up in the beginning saying:

                        File Stream Error: Invalid path file provided.

                        Thats it. I am unsure what to do from now on. Its weird because it checks in alright, imports and validated but provides a load error with an empty log on Export.

                        Error: Stream Failed, Invalid file path provided!

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                          This is not a physical path error. I've seen this often. Change your POV to match that of any of the periods stated in the multiload file. Then view the location at the single file screen or the non-multiload screen. Check to see if you have any values on the Validate screen. It's possible that you there isn't any data to export so FDM is trying to create dat files or load files that have no data to populate them with. I've seen this before when all of the accounts, due to a mapping error, were mapped to Ignore so check to see if all of the rows of data have Ignore in them, regardless of the dimension.

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