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    Support for OPTIONAL

      We are pleased to announce support for OPTIONAL and other functionality that are enabled through a patch for Oracle database version This patch can be accessed at metalink.oracle.com using Patch Number 7600122. You should first apply the database patch to Oracle Database 11g, and then apply this patch.

      The features in the patch are documented in the Semantic Technologies Developer's Guide, starting at the section 'What's New in Semantic Technologies'. (You can access the documentation at http://www.oracle.com/technology/documentation/database.html and navigating to the book 'Semantic Technologies Developer's Guide').

      The functionality enabled by this patch includes:
      (1) Support for graph patterns with OPTIONAL in SEM_MATCH
      (2) Support for virtual models
      (3) Support for semantic network indexes and a hint framework in SEM_MATCH for performance enhancements.