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    SP2-0310: unable to open file .... with a $ sign


      This has been killing me for about 24hrs. I haven't found a solution. I am installing this open source software which includes a bunch of .sql files which are executed as part of the installation.

      The file names all have a $ sign in the file name, for example, abc$def.sql. When trying to execute these files from the master .sql as shown below, sqlplus is unable to "find" the file:

      SQL> @sbr/triggers/sbr.cg$bus_ui_types_lov.trg
      SP2-0310: unable to open file "sbr/triggers/sbr.cg$bus_ui_types_lov.trg

      The issue is not path related. If I rename the file to remove the $, works fine. There are thousands of files like this, so I haven't really considered engaging on renaming every single file if I don't have to.

      I tried escaping the $ like: @sbr/triggers/sbr.cg\$bus_ui_types_lov.trg, and it did not make any difference.

      Is there a way to execute such files.

      I am using 10g Release 2, on a Linux box.