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    Why there are so many ORA-00600 for 10.2 releases?

      Have production and testing databases on HP Itanium. Planning to upgrade to
      However checked entries on Metalink, I found that has a lot of bugs that would cause ORA-00600, some of them would hung or crush the database. is not much better; it introduced new ORA-00600 bugs. Such as this bug 7014646-- ORA-00600 [kkocxj : pjpCtx] error on a complex query. How do you define a complex query? Is this ridiculous or not?

      Have anyone upgraded to or releases? What is like to get ORA-00600 all the time?
      Maybe I should go to 11g instead? By the way, is there a date that would be released for HP Itanium?

      Any response would be appreciated.