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    OPMNCTL connection to opmn does not work intermittently

      Using Oracle HTTP Server from DB10.2 companion CD, patched to
      on Oracle Enterprise Linux 5.2

      When trying to start opmnctl status I get often (not always) following message:
      Unable to connect to opmn.
      Opmn may not be up.

      But ps -ef | grep opmn shows that opmn is up
      oracle 1907 32391 0 09:23 pts/2 00:00:00 grep opmn
      oracle 19989 1 0 09:07 ? 00:00:00 /oracle/product/10.2.0_apache/opmn/bin/opmn -d
      oracle 19991 19989 4 09:07 ? 00:00:42 /oracle/product/10.2.0_apache/opmn/bin/opmn -d

      If re-executing the command serveral times it will work after trying about 3 to 10 times

      opmnctl ping sometimes works, sometimes failes too

      same issue with opmnctl startproc ias-componet=HTTP_Server
      Somtimes it failes with:
      opmnctl: starting opmn managed processes...
      opmn id=ds83-235-87-118:6200
      0 of 1 processes started.

      ias-instance id=standalone

      --> Process (pid=760)
      failed to start a managed process after the maximum retry limit

      somtimes startproc works and after trying several times status will work too and show that HTTP-Server is up...
      opmnctl status
      Processes in Instance: standalone
      ias-component | process-type | pid | status
      HTTP_Server | HTTP_Server | 24516 | Alive
      LogLoader | logloaderd | N/A | Down
      dcm-daemon | dcm-daemon | N/A | Down

      Can anybody give me some hints how to identify the problem?
      Thank you very much for your help.