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    Questions on I-Procurement....


      Hi All,

      I have a following question on IProcurement if you can help me get an answer on this.
      Thanks in advance

      I create a PR(Purchase Requisition) and its get approved by all people in Hierarchy. Converts it into PO.
      Question) What is the change process of PR. A person(requestor) can do change in approved PR which has PO already. How would this data flow?

      Prashant Pathak

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          Sandeep Gandhi, Consultant
          The requestor can go to iprocurement and request changes.
          The changes are sent to the buyer in form of a workflow notification.
          Depending on where the supplier is with the PO, the buyer can choose to accept or reject the changes.
          If accepted, the purchase order is automatically modified and approval process begins for the po. A notification is also sent to the requestor saying that the request was accepted and processed.

          If buyer rejects the changes, nothing happens to the PO. Instead, a rejection notification is sent to the requestor.