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    CPU patch procedure with physical and logical standby database in place

      Hello All,

      I've also placed this in the Upgrades forum, but perhaps this is the best place to have put it.

      I'm trying to compile a decent set of steps for applying the CPUOCT2008 patch to our production RAC cluster which has both a logical and physical standby in place. I've read a tonne of documentation, including the CPU readme, DOCID 437276.1 and 278641.1. I''ve also read through the Upgrading Databases in a Data Guard Configuration chapter of Dataguard Concepts and Administration. The last doc mentioned is really for upgrading a full version of Oracle rather than applying a CPU (at least I think that's the case). DocID 437276.1 is rather sparse on details.

      I guess what I'm trying to understand is the proper method for applying the patch with the logical standby in place. The physical standby looks pretty straightforward. After running opatch on it as well, it will basically have all of the changes applied to the primary shipped over and applied as per the normal primary/standby relationship. Will the same be true for the logical (having applied the patch, and then re-enabling SQL apply)? Should I aim to have it work that way? By that I mean start it up and re-enable sql apply and then upgrade the primary. Or, am I to apply the catcpu.sql script to it as well before re-enabling the sql apply? Am I wrong in regards to the physical standby as well i.e. should the catcpu also be applied directly to it?

      Thanks very much in advance.


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