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    backspace not working problem and a tip, Why?

      Hello there, I'm newbie this SQL Developer
      I have a problem situation in using backspace and found some trick to solve it.

      1. First Problem, download it and installed on JDK6 Up10. Then I knew that can't use backspace key on sql files.
      I read a lot of solving tips and also below two article are same answer of it. but It's not work on my situation.
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      1) My sqldeveloper encironment were
      - jdk1.6.0_10 - sqldeveloper 1.5.1
      - OS is Win XP sp3, korean.
      2) I used upper two solving issue and it was not working on me.

      2. second, I used another jdk and backspace not working problem is disapeared.
      1) sqldeveloper environments are only changed by jdk.
      - jdk1.6.0_6
      - sqldeveloper 1.5.1
      2) It's working and happy on sqldeveloper.

      I don't know what have different between jdk6_up6 and jdk6_up10
      but it show not same result sqldeveloper's editing environments.

      3. finally, wnen success on jdk1.6.0_6, i changed sqldeveloper.conf and jdk to jdk 1.6.0_10 and then backspace type is work.

      It's my issue and want knowing what are differents...
      Thanks for reading,