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    loadjava JMF uploading problem

      Hi all,

      I am not sure whether this posting belongs here, but I'd give it a shot anyway ;-). I have developed a java class which generates thumbnails from uploaded videos (stored as BFILE on the Database server's filesystem). For this purpose, I use the Java Media Framework 2.1.1. Using loadjava -u MYUSER/MYPASSWORD@SID.myserver.com -r -v jmf.jar it starts uploading all the files, but at a certain point produces error messages that some references cannot be resolved. It starts with: "ORA-29534: referenced object MUMIS_MANAGER.jmapps/export/ExportWizard could not be resolved". The following messages look similar, just for hundreds of different classes. In non-verbose mode, loadjava reports "Errors: 0", but most of the uploaded files result invalid on the DB server. I also tried with the -order flag, but the results are the same. Strangely, when running a recompile of the classes, some do compile on the server. Even though, most remain uncompilable/invalid.

      Any help would be kindly appreciated.

      Thanks in advance,
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          I'm going to suggest that you take this to the Oracle Database JVM forum, which can better help you with the resolver issues.

          When posting your question be sure to include the database version you are running in addition to the info below.