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    Using EL expression to define data item for a chart

    Istvan Kiss-Oracle
      I have a pie chart based on a ViewObject Data control. The pie chart is displaying the value of a predefined column, called Completed in the example below.
      <graph IterBinding="ProjectsViewIterator" id="ProjectsView2"
             xmlns="http://xmlns.oracle.com/adfm/dvt" type="PIE">
        <graphDataMap leafOnly="true">
            <item value="Material"/>
              <item value="Completed"/>
      I would like to replace the constant name Completed with an EL expression, for example #{column.name}, where column is a request scope bean and name is a property. In other word, I would like to dynamically define, which column's value to display in the chart.

      When trying this, on the page I get "No data to display", and the following exception:
           at oracle.adf.model.dvt.binding.transform.Utils.validateDataType(Utils.java:512)
           at oracle.adf.model.dvt.binding.transform.TransformRowIterator.validateDataType(TransformRowIterator.java:409)
           at oracle.adf.model.dvt.binding.transform.TransformRowIterator.getCell(TransformRowIterator.java:263)
           at oracle.dss.util.transform.DataTable.getCell(DataTable.java:577)
           at oracle.dss.util.transform.DataTable.processCurrentRow(DataTable.java:602)
           at oracle.dss.util.transform.DataTable.processProjection(DataTable.java:416)
           at oracle.dss.util.transform.DataTable.<init>(DataTable.java:112)
           at oracle.dss.util.transform.ResultTable.<init>(ResultTable.java:67)
      Is there any way to achieve this, i.e. dynamically define the data item name?