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    WSDL generated for SAP Adapter is not visible on JDev IDE

    shantanu srivastava
      Hi All,

      I have a requirement to send data to SAP & get the response back from them.
      I am using SAP R/3 adapter for this purpose.

      I have installed following softwares for this:

      1.J2EE & Web Cache as middle tier
      2.Oracle Application Adapter for SAP
      3.OracleAS Integration Interconnect
      4.EIS Plugin

      I have installed J2EE & Web cache in the same folder in which my OracleAS( is installed.
      Then I installed Oracle Application Adapter for SAP inside J2EE & Web Cache mid tier.
      Afterwards I installed OracleAS Integration Interconnect inside J2EE & Web Cache mid tier along with EIS plugin.

      After this I opened Application Explorer and established a SAP connection, which was successful.
      Now I generated a WSDL for a Function module in Business Object Repository.
      The WSDL got generated successfully.

      After completing the above task I opened my JDev.
      Created a new partner link in a bpel process.
      While creating the partner link I clicked on Service Explorer(torch symbol)->Adapter Services->MyOraASServerName->adapters->applications.
      Instead of finding the WSDL for SAP I generated I found "Exception: No service Found Error" error.

      Its a very urgent issue.
      I am looking forward to you all for your valuable help.

      Thanks & Regards,
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          shantanu srivastava
          I have resolved this issue with the help of Mr Hugo Garzon through metalink.

          Re-installed (As my installation was worng):
          1.Oracle SOA Suite
          2.Oracle Adapter

          Follow the below mentioned steps to resolve the Jdeveloper issue:
          1. Modify the collaxa-config.xml ($SOA_ORACLE_HOME/bpel/system/config/) the "ApplicationsWSDLHome" property
          before you restart
          the server. This property must to be equal to $SOA_ORACLE_HOME/adapters/application/wsdls/
          2. This issue is documented in this bug, the Bug 6153919 UNABLE TO BROWSE THE OEM ADAPTERS WSDL IN THE
 JDEV, in there appears a workaround: In JDeveloper please expand the
          created Integration Server Connection before browse the WSDL, after his action,
          you will see the Adapter services.

          Thanks a lot Hugo for your valuable help.