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    How to create a new Business Unit

      I have problem.
      Can anyone tell me

      1 : How to create a new Business Unit, New Company from Jd Edwards screen means webpage.
      2 : Can i find the User Defined Codes means UDC in jd edwards screen.

      Shakti Prasad Priyakumar.
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          john dickey, mccarthy
          First, let me confirm that you are on JDE World, and not JDE Enterprise One/One World. They are very different environments. JDE World is normally a green screen, IBM Client Access based system.

          If you are on a JDE World menu and you have the proper security access, just type in UDC on the command line and hit <ENTER>. You hopefully are in a test environment when you do this, since it sounds like you have very little knowledge of JDE. The UDC screen will come up. If you know the system code and code of the UDC table you want to look at, you can key them in and bring up that table. Otherwise, do F5. That will let you search by system code and see what table codes are available in each system. If you are not sure what UDC table you need, you can look at the JDE data dictionary for the data item you are interested in and that will tell you the UDC table, if the data item is UDC based.

          As for setting up new business units and company, get to the main general ledger menu. Don't remember the exact path, but you want to get into the setup/define menu for general ledger accounts. There will be separate options there for maintaining companies and for maintaining business units. You want to play with this in a test environment before you do anything for real.

          Hope this helps a bit.

          John Dickey
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