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    Apex call stored procedure from webpage Q

      Dear all,

      I am following the "Handling the Verification Link (Pg 114)" from the book Pro Oracle Application Express and have problems with permission error. I have followed all the steps from the book including granting execute permission to the package as per user in the DAD (APEX_PUBLIC_USER). The error is as below. What else should I check? Thanks.

      You don't have permission to access /pls/apex/myapp.pkg_auth.verify_user on this server.

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          Dear all,

          Ok, I found how it is done. Below are the steps. Thanks.

          To run stored procedure in APEX via a webpage do the following

          1)     Login to the database as user SYS that store the APEX application, in my case MYAPP.
          2)     Locate the function called wwv.flow_epg_include_mod_local that belongs to user FLOWS_030100. I use TOAD so it is easy.
          3)     Modify the function.
          a.     Remarked the ‘return false’ statement.
          b.     Add the function name that need to be exposed to the web ‘MYAPP.PKG_AUTH.VERIFY_USER'.

          CREATE OR REPLACE function FLOWS_030100.wwv_flow_epg_include_mod_local(
          procedure_name in varchar2)
          return boolean
          -- The next statement below (one Line) is remarked by Kueh 24/Dec/2008
          return false; remove this statement when you modify this function
          -- Administrator note: the procedure_name input parameter may be in the format:
          -- procedure
          -- schema.procedure
          -- package.procedure
          -- schema.package.procedure
          -- If the expected input parameter is a procedure name only, the IN list code shown below
          -- can be modified to itemize the expected procedure names. Otherwise you must parse the
          -- procedure_name parameter and replace the simple code below with code that will evaluate
          -- all of the cases listed above.
          if upper(procedure_name) in (
          'MYAPP.PKG_AUTH.VERIFY_USER') then
          return TRUE;
          return FALSE;
          end if;
          end wwv_flow_epg_include_mod_local;
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            Good Stuff!! Thanks
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              that's exactly what i need - it works fine :-)

              Thanks and regards,
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                Dear all,
                thanks al lot for the interesting topic and useful reply.
                My question is how can I send parameter to stored procedure? or better
                Can I send a parameter to stored procedure?


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                  I am trying to execute a stored procedure using db link can any one help me with that .

                  v_statement varchar2(255);
                  v_statement := 'begin
                  DBA_BATCH.ACCOUNT_UNLOCK@DBNAME(''' || :INSTANCES || ''',''' || :USERNAME || ''');
                  EXECUTE IMMEDIATE v_statement;

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