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    Price List Migration from 11.0.3 to 11.5.10/R12.

      Hi Gurus,

      I am trying to find out some help on getting the Price lists conversion/migration from 11.0.3 to 11.5.10/R12.

      As you all now that there is huge difference in the conventions, and also the way the price list data is stored in the tables, from 11.0.3 to 11.5.10/R12.
      Every thing is based on the "Context" in 11.5.10/R12

      In this process, I thought that I would use the "Pricing Data Bulk Loader", to load the price lists. But the point of confusion is, what column data of what table (SO_XXXX_XX in 11.0.3) maps to what column of what table of (QP_XXXX_XX in 11.5.10/R12) tables.

      Any pointers to any oracle migration scripts (from 11.0.3 to 11.5.10/R12) or any other posts,that would get me out of this confusion would be of great help to me.

      Thanks in Advance,