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    PO Distribution Account Update

      Hi All,

      We have a requirement to update the Charge and Variance Accounts for existing Purchase Orders at the Distribution level.

      While processing the PO for the update, the Import Standard Purchase Orders program is rejecting the records with the following error:

      Error Message: "Error: Line number populated already exists on the Standard Purchase Order"

      Can anyone let us know how resolve the above issue and proceed with updating the charge accounts on PO Distribution.

      Thanks in advance.
      Pavan Vasireddy.
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          we encountered the same error - does anybody know how to use the PDOI interface for updates on standard POs ?
          or alternatively an api that does updates on existing po-lines/... ?

          (instance: 11.5.10)

          thanks in advance

          regards, Gerd
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            I am assuming that these updates for the expense PO distributions. If yes, can you not pass the line number, but just the item and change the item description (set option to change the item description to yes) by appending with some so that the PDOI recognizes the change and updates the distributions as well?

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              Hi Nagamohan,

              Thank you for your response.

              I have tried by appending the item description with a string, and passing 'Yes' to create or update item parameter of the Standard PO Import program.

              The Line error got resolved, but a new PO line is being created instead of the updating the existing line.

              Pavan Vasireddy
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                Do not pass Update items as Yes. It updates or creates the item master which you do not want. Just pass the item_Id and change the description from what you have in PO to a new one by appending a string.

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                  I have tried passing 'No' to the create or update item parameter, even then it is creating a new PO line instead of updating the existing line.

                  Thanks in advance.

                  Pavan Vasireddy.
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                    thnx for your info - my problem is a little bit "more generic":
                    I have to synchronize two apps instances - that means I have to create POs (standard, blankets and releases) on the second instance. So far so good:
                    1) creating a standard po works
                    2) releases are inserted as standard pos (because there is no interface that creates releases like standard po (releases are created directly from requisition)) - or at least I do not find out how.
                    3) updating -> on the source instance changes in the standard po might occur - then new release numbers are created. when I try to create these releases with the PDOI i get the error with the line (nevertheless I used another revision!)

                    so my basic question is: is it possible to create standard POs with revisions with the PDOI - or is there another interface to do the updates?

                    regards, Gerd