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    iProcurement Modify Labels


      I want to know if there is a way and how to do it, to change the labels that appear in the iProcurement initial page, the ones that say: Stores, Categories, Shopping Lists and Non- Catalog Request. Also I need to remove the Contractor Request Link.

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          The tabs like 'Non-Catalog request' etc are coming from FND_MENU. so in the system administrator you can query for the menu and change the prompt.

          For others, most of the field labels appearing on iProcurement pages can be changed using personalization. If you are new to personalization, you might want to do some reading on personalization in Oracle self service modules. It is a supported way of doing certain changes to standard web pages.

          Nitin S. Darji
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            Mike F -Oracle

            If you have access to Metalink - these topics are covered in

            Note.403872.1     Ext/Pub     How Can The Contractors Tab Be Removed Or Hidden In iProcurement?


            Note.362945.1     Ext/Arc     Unable To Modify Sub-Menus Under The Shop Tab Menu In IProcurement

            Other messages you see - such as error messages are changed using Functional Administrator, messages.

            You can view examples of this with the following note -

            Note.584568.1     Ext/Pub     How Can The Error Message Shown During Checkout Being Changed To Something More Informative - Charge Account Is Invalid....The FND_FLEX_SERVER