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    R12 PO Cannot be received in encumbrance environment


      Have anyone ever encounter this issue:
      1. Setup Oracle Purchasing with encumbrance flag in financial options OFF
      2. Create purchase order and approve
      3. New requirement to activate encumbrance, hence change the encumbrance flag to ON
      4. Finds that all purchase orders created with standard routing and inspection routing cannot be delivered (receive works fine). Direct delivery POs can be delivered as expected
      5. Finds that invoices for the direct delivery PO cannot be validated

      Problem not occur when deactivating encumbrance flag.

      I have tried updating the encumbrance flag in po_line_locations_all to 'Y' and finds that receiving to deliver can now be performed normally
      I have also tried updating the encumbrance flag in po_distributions_all to 'Y; and finds that related invoices can now be validated
      However, I don't know the impact of this. Datafix must be able to fix the data because it is not possible for us to drop all existing PO under non encumbrance environment, and re-uploaded under the new encumbrance environment.

      Any help would be most appreciated.