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    interMedia Image Accelerator for 9i?


      I am using interMedia in oracle and I am finding that the process method is unacceptably slow.

      I checked on metalink and found that there is something called the interMedia Image Accelerator which when intalled speeds up the process method. The note on metalink was related to Oracle 10g - does the Image Accelerator exist for version 9i too?

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          Yes the Image Accelerator is critical for image performance on 9.2 Refer to Metalink note 277612.1 for information on how to determine if you are running with the accelerator (or NCOMP as it is often called) installed.

          If you find that your are running without the NCOMP libraries, then you will need to install the accelerator libraries from the companion CD of the base 9.2 release ( Then you will need to re-patch the database back up to, your current patch level. The re-install of the patches will apply the patch updates for the NCOMP components. These components would not be patched if they did not exist in the original database.

          Finally, have you read the documentation on tuning LOB performance? This is Chapter 11 of the Oracle interMedia User's Guide for 9.2.

          please post your findings and let us know if we can help you more.

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            Hi Robert

            Many thanks for the information - very useful


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