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    Setting up Enterprise Adapter and Connecting to Enterprise


      We have an FDM application that needs to load data to Hyperion Enterprise.

      I have successfully registered and imported the FDM Enterprise Adapter ((HE6x-G4-A) Hyperion Enterprise) but am having problems setting up a connection to the Enterprise application. The machine profile contains the name of the server that Enterprise is located on (as the target server) and in the Integration Settings I have the name of the Enterprise application with the logon method set to global and a user-name and password entered into the Global Logon Information - note that if I log on to Enterprise via a thick client and enter the user-name and password that is in the global logon information, I can successfully connect to the Enterprise application.

      The Enterprise server is located on a different machine than the FDM application.

      Also, when I right-click on the adapter and select "Configure", I get a message "Application Not In INI"

      Can anyone help with this or point me in the direction of any documentation that shows how to set-up the FDM adapters.