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    What is error Hospital ?

      Hi All,
      I am new to SOA Suite, Can anyone shed some light on Error Hospital and how to configure with Fusion ? Any tutorials or useful links are appreciated.

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          James Taylor-Oracle
          Error Hospital might seem like vaporware but in ESB and BPEL they mean 2 different things.

          For ESB have a look at this link.


          The error hospital is configured out of the box but the functionality only work when invoking asynchronouse messages. And you need to manually resubmit. If you require additional functionality then to need to make some customisations.

          If you want the error hospital in BPEL there is additional functionality have a look at this link and look at the section BPEL Fault Framework


          hope this helps

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            Is Error Hospital a Fault Management tool ?
            is there any tutorial on what is Error Hospital and step by step configuration.
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              James Taylor-Oracle
              Yes this is a way to manage faults within your SOA Objects.

              I don't know of any tutorial, the docs provided in previous post should give you the configuration steps though.

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                i wanted to know that when due to some reasons wrong messages are sent. then from the backend in "rdmtmenu>2.utilities>9.JMS delete" how do we get to know that how many messages are wrong, so that we can delete a bunch of numbers in one go.
                And what is the LOG which we get there.it is created whenever we change the status from up to down after deleting the wrong messages(which are sent because the trigger which was set was wrong)