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    [weblogic-9.1] JSP 2.0 tag file gets compiled but not reloaded

      I am trying to use a JSP 2.0 tag file on weblogic 9.1. Everything works as expected until I reload the page after changing the tag file. Consider the following files, simple.jsp and simple.tag:

      h5. /simple.jsp
      <%@ page language="java" %>
      <%@ taglib prefix="sandbox" tagdir="/WEB-INF/tags" %>
      This output comes from the jsp.
      h5. /WEB-INF/tags/simple.tag
      <%@ tag language="java" %>
      <div>This output comes from a tag file
      The output of a call to simple.jsp is:
      This output comes from the JSP.
      <div>This output comes from a tag file</div> 
      So far, so good. Now I change the content of simple.tag to
      <%@ tag language="java" %>
      <div>This output comes from *simple.tag*<div>
      On a new call to simple.jsp,

      1. Weblogic notices that the file has been changed,
      2. generates the TagHandler .java file
      3. compiles the .java file

      But the new class file seems not to be loaded by weblogic; the resulting HTML does not change. It is not a browser cache issue, as I can see Javelin compilation errors. E.g., changing the tag file content to
      <%@ tag language="j" %>
      <div>This output comes from simple.tag</div>
      leads to the following (expected) error:
      Compilation of JSP File '/sandbox/simple.jsp' failed:

      simple.tag:1:18: "j" is not a valid setting for the language attribute.
      <%@ tag language="j" %>
      Changes to the .jsp file are reflected in the HTML output.

      Am I missing something? Is there any flag I have to set in my weblogic configuration?