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    FDM query


      Though FDM has been installed, I am facing the following issues

      1. Initially I could see the Web Client Home Page, however now it displays a 'Service Unavailable' message. Is there any FDM Service that I need to restart?

      Any suggestions will be appreciated.


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          Ensure that the ASP.Net State Server Service is started.
          FDM is reliant on a functional OS.

          Helpfully this helps...
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            Thanks for the feedback. The service was running. I also tried Stopping and Starting it again, but that did not solve the problem.

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              Service is not available is generally a web server error message. A message like that is different than a 'file not found' message in that the site is probably running, just generating an error.

              I would check the Windows Event Viewer to determine if any error messages are being logged. Additionally, I would look for the web server log files to determine what is occurring. The log files are generally loggied in the folder C:\windows\system32\logfiles under a subfolder that appears something like : W3SVCx where X is the service instance. To determine the exact location, start IIS and check the logging option for the FDM Application.

              That should at least get you started in the right direction
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                Thanks for the suggestion.

                I could solve the issue by restarting the IIS Admin Service.