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    Syntax for Evaluate function in OBIEE

      I have browsed through the docs but couldn't find syntax for Evaluate function. Could someone pass me the full syntax and if possible a helpful example against essbase.
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          Kishore Guggilla

          syntax:- EVAULATE('your db function(%1,%2)', parameter list)
          here %1 and %2 are the no.of parameters (columns or may constant values) to be passed for the db-function
          if you have 3 parameters then you need to use %3 also.. means the columns to be passed.

          following exapmples are for ORACLE db,
          ex1: EVALUATE('upper(%1)', 'kishore kumar') gives the result as -> KISHORE KUMAR
          ex2: EVALUATE('upper(%1)', 'Markets.Region') here Markets.Region is column.

          you also can call the user-defined functions through evaulate
          EVALUATE('functioname(%1,%2), column1, column2)
          the above function has 2 parameters to be inputted

          Thanks & Regards
          Kishore Guggilla

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            Kishore Guggilla

            one more important thing is:
            don't write this manually.. use eclipse button to particular column for which you want to build the functionality with EVALUATE function.

            You also find Evaluate function syntax there..
            And hope you know how to pass the parameters to Evaluate functions.
            Need to select Physical Or Logical tables after you click on eclipse (physical or logical tables is visible depends on functionality you want to build at BMM Layer or Physical mapping)

            select particular column and double-click on it..

            Hope you understood..

            Need to close this thread, hope it's cleared your doubt, also assign the points if you feel the users reply is correct by clicking on correct/helpful. :|

            Thanks & Regards
            Kishore Guggilla
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              Thanks. Kishore thats all I needed.