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    Data migration (export / impor) from Oracle 8 (8.0.5 ) to Oracle 10g 10.2.0


      We have Oracle 8 (8.0.5) database on HP TRUE UNIX on top of this BAAN-IV ERP is running. Present database size 120 GB.

      Now we are migrating the database to Oracle 10g R2 RAC using ASM.

      RAC setup:

      Servers: HP RX 6600
      Server o/s: HP-UX 11.23 (without service guard)
      Storage:HP Storage Works HSV 300 (8 x 146GB)
      Oracle: Oracle 10g R2
      RAC is implement using ASM

      We have implemented RAC setup and cluster database smoothly, it is working smoothly.

      When we are importing data in to RAC database from old oracle database (Oracle 8.0.5) export dump, the database size becomes very large (250GB).

      We are using ASM and OMF. all tablespaces are locally managed and uniform size is autoallocated.

      Please help me regarding this.